Tony Wilson. The Medical Centre. Specialist Physio. Tony Wilson. Physiotherapist. Specialist in anterior knee pain (patellofemoral pain syndrome) and shoulder pain
The Medical Centre. Chichester. W. Sussex. Advanced Musculoskeletal Injections Update course
THE MEDICAL CENTRE Advanced Musculoskeletal Injections Update course
anterior knee pain and shoulder pain specialist ADVANCED MUSCULOSKELETAL INJECTIONS UPDATE

Mr Tony Wilson BSc MSc Grad Dip Phys MCSP MSOM DipInjTher
Course Director, Masters Injection Therapy Module, Southampton University

09.00 Welcome and Introduction

09.15 Injections - Are we doing any good?
Update on evidence for efficacy; new research, old habits; new guidelines

09.45 Injecting everywhere and anywhere. The importance or not of accuracy
Update on evidence; local and systemic effect; do I need a guide?

10.20 Washed, wiped, sprayed and gloved
Asepsis - important or not?; draped and gowned or just a quick swab?; the evidence

10.45 Coffee

11.00 Dosage - Science, consensus or grandmother's recipe?
Update on evidence for choice of drug and dosage

11.30 What shall I do now? The post-injection abyss
Exercise, rest or straight to physio?; get-in-early-whilst-the-injection-is-at-its-peak and other such myths; duration of effect and nature of effect and how they (should) influence our post-injection practice

12.15 Anything else I need to be worried about?
Update on less frequent, but still important, side effects, cautions and contraindications relevant to musculoskeletal injections

12.45 Lunch

13.30 Dear Clinician, please do not inject - Advanced clinical reasoning
New challenges, old risks, fresh concerns. To inject or not? Is an injection the most effective intervention at this point, or is it ill-advised, contra-indicated or just plain dangerous? Which drugs/medical history should I be concerned about? Diabetes, warfarin, NOACs, Tachon's syndrome, Nicholau's syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, repeated injections, co-morbidities, anti-platelet agents, long-term antibiotics

15.00 Tea

15.15 Advanced clinical reasoning (cont'd)

17.00 Finish

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