Tony Wilson. The Medical Centre. Specialist Physio. Tony Wilson. Physiotherapist. Specialist in anterior knee pain (patellofemoral pain syndrome) and shoulder pain
The Medical Centre. Chichester. W. Sussex. Anterior knee pain course
THE MEDICAL CENTRE anterior knee pain course
anterior knee pain and shoulder pain specialist ANTERIOR KNEE PAIN - SCIENCE AND SOLUTION

Day two

09.00 Gait - Can you tell me by the way I walk?
Postural analysis; gait analysis; evidence for relevance; anomaly warning

10.00 Examination completed
Apprehension sign; retropatellar surface; Thomas's test; distal quadriceps test; Insall/Salvati radiograph; alta/baja; 'Grasshopper eyes'; distal adductor test; one-legged standing/proprioception test; squatting

10.30 Coffee

10.45 History Taking - The untold story
Questions to ask, paths to follow; you should be 60% sure of the cause of the problem from history alone

11.10 Ten to One - The historical guessing game
Mock patients; bars of chocolate

12.00 Lunch

12.30 Treatment
The Five Principles of Treatment; treatment structure; aids to treatment; manipulation/exercises/biofeedback/orthoses; top tips; patient compliance; case studies

14.15 Coffee

14.30 The Complete Examination
Building an examination method

15.15 The Complete Approach
Putting everything together; mock patients; case scenarios

16.30 Finish

Day one of course

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