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Injection for arthrosis of right 1st car
Haemorrhagic prepatellar bursitis right
Peroneus brevis split.jpg
Injection for left frozen shoulder.jpg

Advanced Musculoskeletal Injections Update

Course Description

This one-day course is a comprehensive and highly contemporary update of the latest research relating to the field of therapeutic musculoskeletal injections and the questions such research poses. It is aimed at all clinicians who regularly administer these types of injections, including physiotherapists, doctors and podiatrists. The main controversies and concerns of this area will be presented and discussed, and an attempt made at resolving the central issues of efficacy, accuracy, drugs and dosages, asepsis and post-injection practice in the light of recent findings. Advanced clinical reasoning will also be tested with the aid of genuine patient scenarios, each one of which will present specific diagnostic, management and pharmaceutical conundrums, and require an analysis of the evidence for apparent contraindications. Injection therapy is an area often characterised by poor science and dominated clinically by opinion and dogma. The course will seek to separate fact from theory, anecdotal evidence from hard data, and, crucially, good practice from bad. It is designed to be both informative and challenging, and ultimately to make the clinician a safer and more effective practitioner in this field.

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